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Making yourself at home at Temple Shalom

05/24/2018 10:28:10 AM


Carol Berlin

One of the rewards of belonging to a synagogue is the creation of community. As a teacher in the small group Hebrew program, I have watched friendships form, especially over three years teaching a magnificent group of girls who have made Tuesday afternoons magical. But what about their parents?
In response, this class recently had a joyous potluck Shabbat dinner where the parents met. Hopefully new and enduring friendships will form. We should do this for more of our classes.
Where will your synagogue friendship form? There are so many opportunities. Is it during the Shabbat Oneg? Or attending a course. Long-term friendships form after synagogue trips to Israel and participation in weekend kallahs. People are always amazed at how welcoming the Saturday morning minyan is, and others find their friends participating on a committee. Perhaps it is Thursday afternoon mahjongg or another program. It’s possible that when volunteering for the Caring Committee, you discover a friend. Maybe it is just that quiet time sitting in the lobby with other parents waiting for your child to finish a class. There are plenty of opportunities.
We always say 'Welcome Home to Temple Shalom'. Find some friends, make yourself at home.

Carol Berlin is a Temple member, SHACHARIT teacher, mahjongg player and member of the Social Action Committee.

Sun, November 17 2019 19 Cheshvan 5780