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Temple Shalom Board of Trustees 2019-2020

President – Frederick Kraus *
Vice-President – Alyssa Brown *
Vice-President – Shelah Feiss *
Vice-President – Gary Fertig *
Vice-President – Judy Levin-Charns*
Vice-President – Andrew Molinsky*
Treasurer - Eric Sprung*
Financial Secretary – Carol Berlin*
Recording Secretary - Abigail Yelensky
Corresponding Secretary – Lovelynn Jensen
* Members of the Executive Committee

Board information page

Michelle Alkon
Ofer Ben-Gai
Mark Blecher
Edmund Case
Aaron Davis
Mark Gottesman
Joshua Gundersheimer
Seth Jaffe
Will Korn
Elizabeth Newstadt
Valerie Pirri
Rebecca Schulman Havemeyer
Howard Sholkin
James Shulman
Laura Towvim
Sarah Ruderman Wilensky
Robyn Winik
Amy Winston

Trustees ex-officio
Past President – Scott Birnbaum *
Past President - Jo-Ann Suna


Budget and Finance
Oversees the management of the finance, prepares the annual budget and recommends dues.

Caring Community
Organizes volunteer opportunities for our members to reach out in times of joy and sadness.

Deepens the engagement of congregants and prospective members throughout in synagogue life.

Maintains and operates the real estate and property of the congregation and supervises the purchase of all fine arts, furnishings and supplies.

Interfaith Connection
Engages and supports interfaith families and members exploring Judaism through special programming and individual support.

Works with the cantor to enhance the appreciation of music in our worship and in our secular activities through music programs and concerts.

Religious Practices
Provides guidance and assistance to the Temple’s clergy for services and other religious practices.

SHACHARIT Parent Advisory Committee
Collaborates with the K-6 education staff to support the SHACHARIT program and advise the professional leadership about ways to make our K-6 program most successful

Social Action
Organizes projects and activities focusing on Tikkun Olam - repairing the world.

Sustaining Membership
Raises additional donations from the Temple community to help support the Temple's programming and services. 

Thu, October 29 2020 11 Cheshvan 5781