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Temple Shalom Mission, Vision,  and Values


This section is intended to capture the core belief that inspires everything Temple Shalom does.  It helps us answer the following questions:  What is our purpose? Why do we exist?

We believe vibrant Jewish communal life is grounded in learning, spirituality and worship, and a commitment to social justice.

Therefore we exist to inspire our congregants to engage, find meaning, develop deep human connections and gain fulfillment in the practice of Reform Judaism.



The values are the set of fundamental principles which guide our congregation.

1.     Community in Relationship (Sacred Community - Kehillah Kedoshah): We value building relationships of meaning and connection. We are committed to creating a community where people know each other by name.

2.     Radical Inclusivity (In the Image of God - B’tzelem Elohim): We appreciate the unique value each individual brings to our community and are committed to creating a culture of belonging. 

3.     Care for Others (Acts of Lovingkindness - Hesed): We are committed to supporting each other in times of need and sharing joy in times of celebration.

4.     Commitment to Learning and Pursuit of Meaning (Study of Torah - Talmud Torah): We strive to have a practice of study and growth through all stages of life, connecting us to our past, and providing the framework to innovate for the future.

5.     Justice (Righteousness - Tzedek): We are pursuers of peace, repair, and equity in the world. We activate our Jewish values to make positive change in the world.

6.     Love for the Jewish People and Israel (Love of People and Place - Ahavat Yisrael): We are committed to the safety and vitality of the Jewish people, and to a secure and just state of Israel as a home for all Jews and for all its inhabitants, in alignment with the Reform Movement.



In this section, we attempt to capture the impacts that Temple Shalom endeavors to have - on individuals, and on the community.

1.     Congregants feel comfortable with the familiar sense of being home when they enter the Temple. Congregants feel a sense of belonging within a community that knows them personally, building deep and enduring friendships.

2.     Congregants of all ages feel a connection to the Temple and its clergy as their spiritual home.

3.     Congregants comfort each other in times of need and share joy in times of celebration.

4.     Congregants feel a sense of pride in being part of a Jewish community, engaging Jewish values to shape their lives, actions, and commitments.

5.     Congregants are actively involved in acts of repair in the world – building relationships of peace, understanding and equity, within Greater Boston, the US, Israel, and around the world.

6.     Congregants of all ages feel empowered to access Jewish tradition and wisdom, so they can navigate their own Jewish path.



In this section, we define Temple Shalom’s vision for the future - what success looks like.

1.     We will be a synagogue that innovates to meet the changing needs of each generation.

2.     We will deepen the engagement of our congregants and program participants by  maintaining a personal and intimate culture.

3.     We will have a comprehensive Jewish learning program to engage all ages.

4.     We will have a spirit of co-creation, and enthusiasm about the congregation’s direction. Our professional and lay leadership will work in collaboration and share an understanding of roles and responsibilities. 

5.     We will be financially sustainable so we can continue to serve the community.

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