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Welcome to the BMitzvah Hub!

Celebrating the milestone of becoming BMitzvah is a very special moment for our young people, their families, friends, and our community.  Temple Shalom is proud to provide personalized support and care for every family in crafting a meaningful experience. 
In this hub, you will learn what becoming BMitzvah at Temple Shalom entails, find resources, and more!

*Why do we call it BMitzvah? With effort to be inclusive of students across the gender spectrum, we’ve chosen this gender neutral term.
You are, of course, welcome to continue referring to your child’s BMitzvah as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

At Temple Shalom, students typically become a BMitzvah close to their 13th birthday in the context of a Shabbat (Saturday) morning service. The service is held in our Sanctuary and is also broadcast to the Temple Shalom community and the family’s invited guests online using our Live Stream. In addition to the Saturday morning service, students participate in the Friday evening service the night before their BMitzvah by leading the community in the blessing over the wine and lighting candles as a family. 

Our BMitzvah team works closely with each family to match students with an appropriate tutor and to create a meaningful experience that encourages students to grow and stretch while feeling supported.

Celebrating this milestone has four main components:

+ Torah: Learning and sharing insights with the community 

+ Avodah:  Leading the congregation in prayer

+ Gemilut Hasadim: Acts of loving-kindness. In the context of your child’s BMitzvah, this means designing and implementing a mitzvah (service) project.

+ Kehillah: Being part of community through participation in our MINCHA middle school program and Temple Shalom BMitzvah family programming experiences




To learn full details about the Temple Shalom BMitzvah journey, please click on the resources below.

BMitzvah Reading & Blessing Resources


                                                                              Please contact Rabbi Jen Gubitz, Director of Jewish Experience or                                                                                   Simone Bordage, our Assistant to the Clergy, with any questions or concerns.

Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784