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Justice, Justice, you shall pursue.

Our Tzedek Team creates opportunities for our congregants to make the world a better place through social action and social justice. Through this work, we build meaningful relationships both within our Temple community and in the wider Boston and global communities. We welcome new ideas, new participants, and new suggestions.  If you have an issue you would like to address, please reach out to us via email and we will help you promote this issue.  

Read our latest Tzedek Newsletters for updates on social justice opportunities in our communiy

Below are some of our recent activities and issues:

Food Insecurity

“Let all who are hungry come and eat.” 

Sadly, not everyone has sufficient food to feed their family.  Our efforts attempt to address food insecurity include:

  • We have an ongoing relationship with Family Table in Waltham by way of our monthly collection of tuna and crackers.  Contribute by putting your donation of these items in the baskets in the Temple lobby.
  • Our exciting participation in the Newton Freedge Collaborative  is one of the many ways we support the efforts of the Newton Food Pantry.
  • "And when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap all the way to the edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest; you shall leave them for the poor and the stranger. (Leviticus 23:22)"  Our Pe-ah garden gives us an opportunity to grow and provide food through partner organizations.  

Get Out the Vote

The Sage Hillel taught, "Do not separate yourself from the community." (Pirke Avot 2:5). 

Through our involvement with the Religious Action Center, we have joined with Temple Shalom’s Sisterhood in a number of ways to Get Out the Vote:

  • During the 2020 Presidential Election, we participated in mailing postcards, making phone calls, and texting to Get Out the Vote.  Calls were primarily aimed at communities of color.
  • We continue to address Women’s Reproductive Health Rights through reaching out to our representatives.  Most recently, we supported the passage in Massachusetts of the Roe Act.

Welcoming Strangers

“You too must befriend the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” (Deuteronomy 10.19)

In recent years there have been many ways that we have welcomed the stranger.  A few are:

  • For over a year, a dedicated group of volunteers helped a Syrian family settle in the Metrowest area, providing guidance, language help, and friendship. The  Temple Shalom Community raised funds to pay rent and provide assistance for over a year.  Many of our volunteers remain close to this family.
  • With the possibility of deportation, an undocumented resident sought sanctuary in Newton.  Many of our members provided volunteer hours to “stand watch” at the Sanctuary, which was in a Newton church.
  • We have collected both goods and gift cards to support refugees and asylum seekers crossing the border. 

Other Issues

  • Racial Justice including book groups focusing on anti-racism and working for affordable housing in Newton
  • Gun Violence Prevention including supporting legislation and raising money for a successful gun buy back program.
  • Engagement in Climate Justice and Climate Change efforts
  • Working with our school program to engage our membership in social action projects
  • Raising funds for areas suffering from fire, floods and other devastating events

Temple Shalom stands with the issues and policies of the RAC (Religious Action Center). To learn more about where Reform Judaism stands on more than 70 issues, visit the RAC’s website.  We are a Brit Olam congregation. 


Wed, June 23 2021 13 Tammuz 5781