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Music is an integral part of our congregational life here at Temple Shalom. Music brings us together in worship, in celebration, in times of grief and mourning and in times of hope and healing. Music is a wonderful expression of our Jewish culture. We embrace both Jewish tradition and innovation–transporting, elevating and inspiring us beyond the power of words alone.

We are blessed to have so many talented musicians and music professionals among the congregation at Temple Shalom.

  • Our Shabbat Halleilu Band, made up of both excellent congregational volunteers and professional musicians, uplifts our spirits at monthly Friday evening services and other joyous occasions throughout the year.
  • Shir Shalom, our adult choir, is an ensemble of volunteer musicians from our congregation, led by Music Director, David Carrier.

Both the Shabbat Halleilu Band and Shir Shalom are under the direction of Cantor Leah Shafritz.

Temple Shalom’s Music Committee works with Cantor Shafritz to enhance the role of music in our worship and congregational life. With support from the Temple Concert Fund, the Music Committee plans music programs and concerts, often in collaboration with other committees at the Temple. For information about the Music Committee, contact Chair Lillian Sober Ain.

Cantor Shafritz, Rabbi Laura Abrasley, Rabbi Allison Berry, and the Music Committee invite you to participate in Temple Shalom’s rich musical tradition, whether by singing, chanting, clapping your hands or through active listening.

Virtual Choir Performances

Shabbat and Holiday Music and Prayer Recordings

Psalm 27 (Achat Sha'alti)
Nissim B'Chol Yom (birchat hashachar) - Shabbat/weekdays
Nissim B'chol Yom (birchat hashachar) - High Holy Days
Veahavta (from Shema) - faster
Veahavta (from Shema) (slower)
Amidah (Adonai Sefatai / avot ve-emahot)
Amidah (Gevurot)
Torah blessing(before)
Torah blessing (after)
Blessing before haftorah
Blessing after haftorah
Blessing after haftorah (Rosh Hashanah)
Blessing after haftorah (Yom Kippur)
Hatzi Kaddish
Shabbat blessing over the candles
Kiddush (full)
Kiddush (short)
Hannukah blessings
L'cha Dodi

Current Music Events

Every Grain of Sand: Biblical & Kabbalistic Ideas in the Lyrics of Bob Dylan
Sunday, April 18, 2021

In anticipation of Bob Dylan's 80th birthday, we'll explore how America's greatest songwriter (aka Shabtai Zissel ben Avraham) is steeped in Bible and Jewish mysticism. Join Rabbi Neal Gold as we study Dylan's most Jewish lyrics and the deep well of tradition that he draws upon. 

Mixin' it Up: Klezmer Meets Swing - An Evening with Hankus Netsky
Sunday, May 16, 2021
Through recordings and live performance, Klezmer Conservatory Band founder and director, Hankus Netsky, will explore the uniquely American musical blend that began to emerge as soon as Eastern European Jewish musicians arrived on America's shores. 

Wed, June 23 2021 13 Tammuz 5781