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Taking the bitterness out of Mar Cheshvan

10/30/2019 12:15:16 PM


Cantor Leah Shafritz

This week, we welcomed the month of Cheshvan, often called "Mar Cheshvan," or bitter Cheshvan, because it contains no holidays, feast or fast days. Chanukah, all the way at the end of December in the month of Kislev, is the next celebration we have to look forward to. After a busy month full of holidays, hosting family members, cooking big meals, attending services, looking inward and making resolutions, Cheshvan can actually provide us with the chance to pause and take a breath. We can check back in with the goals we set for ourselves this year, and perhaps actually get started carrying them out.
The lack of holidays this month leaves space for us to consider our regular Shabbat practices. If you left the High Holy Days thinking, "I should really get to Temple more often," now is the time! The Rabbis and I invite you to be with us at the end of the work week to bring in a sense of spirituality, of joy and of community. Our new space affords us so many opportunities for creativity and innovation within worship, whether through new technology or its flexible seating, and we are so excited to share these possibilities with the community going forward.
Tonight, I am pleased to have our Shabbat Halleilu band with us at services to enhance our worship experience through their wonderful playing. Please join us for a Shabbat of music and joy; let's take the "bitterness" out of Cheshvan and usher in a month of possibility.

Mon, July 13 2020 21 Tammuz 5780