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Chanukah and the power of every good deed 

12/05/2018 12:37:45 PM


Cantor Peter Halpern

Last Shabbat, George H. W. Bush, our 41st president, passed away. He was born not far from us in Milton, and he died at his home in Houston. Although there was antipathy between Donald Trump and the Bush family, it was the request of President Bush that Donald Trump be present at the funeral service. Whether Democrat, independent or Republican, there is something important to be learned.
We know that our views and goals sometimes differ from those of others. Moments happen between people, misunderstandings arise, tensions develop. This is all a part of the sacred struggle of living. But let us keep perspective and remember eternity.
We are celebrating the glorious holiday of Chanukah once again, and the bravery and commitment of our ancestors shines on. Indeed, as the Psalms say, “the deeds of the righteous will endure.”
President Bush made a significant statement in his dying wish. He wanted to remind us that at the end of the day, we must not hold on to resentments and “go to bed angry.” We can ask God to help us to lie down in peace, but we have a better chance if we do our part and reconcile differences with one another.
May the flame of each Chanukah candle glow brightly and the power of every good deed bring healing and peace to our world. Happy Chanukah

Wed, June 19 2019 16 Sivan 5779