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Looking back even as we move forward

07/19/2018 10:05:28 AM


Kim Bodemer

We are heading toward the end of the Torah reading cycle as we begin the final book, Devarim (Deuteronomy), this Shabbat. This week’s parasha begins with Moses giving a series of speeches imploring the Israelites to remember their history as they prepare to enter the promised land.
Among other events, Moses recalls when he could not lead the Israelites alone, he appointed wise, discerning and experienced judges. Moses shares three important rules for making judgements and managing relationships: first, to “hear out” those with conflicting views; second, to not show partiality to one side or another; and third, to “fear” no one when making a decision.
I find Moses’ advice relevant today as I take my place as a member of Temple Shalom’s education team. I am mindful of the importance of listening to all congregants and respecting various opinions and points of view.
Together, we will craft a vision for learning and growing the educational offerings for our children and teens. Moses understood how important it was for the Israelites to look back even as they were getting ready to move forward – so, too, must we look back on where we’ve been as we journey forward together.
Kim Bodemer is the Senior Director of Education and Youth Engagement.

Thu, November 14 2019 16 Cheshvan 5780