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Repairing our messy, complicated world

07/26/2018 10:03:04 AM


Rabbi Allison Berry

This week marked a shift in the Jewish calendar. We ended the nine days of mourning leading up to our observance of Tisha B’av – the holiday marking the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and other tragic events throughout Jewish history. At this time of year, we recall the hatred and despair caused by sinat chinam, baseless hate.

To mark these days of mourning, we traditionally abstain from listening to live music, attending parties and even getting married.
However, as Rabbi Jordi Shuster-Battis writes, “When we rise from our mourning late in the day on the 9th of Av, ideally, we do so with empathy and motivation to create a society free of animosity.”

We rise-up and, only a few days later, celebrate Tu B’Av, which this year takes place on July 26th. Tu B’Av is the Jewish day of love or the Jewish version of Valentine’s Day. This day comes as the ultimate reminder that we must not despair. Instead, we must get to work and repair the damage done by sinat chinam. It is only when we love fully and completely that we can achieve this goal.
During this week as we celebrate and observe the polarities of sinat chinam (boundless hate) and ahavat chinam (enduring love), may we hold our loved ones close and remember the Jewish imperative to repair our messy and complicated world

Thu, November 14 2019 16 Cheshvan 5780