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Making memories for a lifetime

05/10/2018 02:56:31 PM


Lori Leiderman

After Passover, one of our second graders generously offered me a set of Passover finger puppets. It seems a guest brought them to his Seder, but he thought they might be better used with some of our younger children at Temple Shalom. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness, but explained that I wanted him to keep them and find fun ways to use them next year. After all, adults at my Seder were wearing plague masks and making plastic frogs jump! He and his dad seemed a little surprised by my response.  Although rejoicing and experiencing delight are literally commanded on our festivals, I realized that this message is often lost. It far is easier to teach about rituals than it is to transmit ruach (spirit)!
Making celebrations special by enjoying food, drinking wine (or grape juice) and being with family and friends is one of the ways we create sacred space. This space looks different for every family, but the traditions we create can make a lifetime of memories.
Speaking of memories, I want to thank all of you who have helped me create sacred space within this community over the last 25 years. Your laughter, your hugs and your love have enhanced my celebrations here and given me many, many memories. Thank you, and remember to carry on with joy, with fun and just a little irreverence!

Sun, November 17 2019 19 Cheshvan 5780