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Adding to the foundation of community

03/09/2018 08:16:05 AM


Rabbi Allison Berry

I recently received an email from a member of our congregation asking if the Temple could connect her to other local Jews of Italian ancestry (send me an email if this is you!). She is planning to travel to Italy this summer with her two young daughters in order to introduce her children to the people and places so significant in her own family’s history.
The very same week, I was also contacted by a law student at a local university. He shared with me that through the magic of 23andMe, he had discovered one of his deceased grandparents was Jewish. He was surprised (maybe a little shocked) and couldn’t wait to learn more about his previously unknown Jewish heritage.
Our family history, connection to the past, and for some of us, the need to understand how we got here, can be a driving force. Our community can provide opportunities to dive into this complexity. Through intro to Judaism classes, a new class on Jewish Life in Central Europe, to our adult learners currently studying to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah, there are multiple avenues to engage with the fundamental and existential questions of how we can explore where we come from as a path to building lives of meaning. Join us for one of these great learning opportunities or even just a simple coffee! Allow us to add your foundational story to the fabric of wonderful and complex stories that come together to form our vibrant, diverse and connected community.

Sun, November 17 2019 19 Cheshvan 5780