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Be strengthened and stay the course

02/25/2018 11:59:35 AM


By Peter Halpern
A few days ago, I was on the way into the locker room at my gym when I glanced up at a headline on the TV - “Peter Rabbit and allergy bullying.” I had been looking out for the opening of the movie because Nathan thought the trailer was cute and we had planned to see it. You may have read that it contains a scene which many find an offensive handling of food allergies. Then, I asked myself, aside from the dramatic roller coaster ride of the stock market, which gets many of us uneasy about our financial future, what are the other headlines of today’s society? Where is our consciousness?
Mindfulness has become a popular practice and deconditioning ourselves from “othering.”  Martin Buber might remind us of the importance of relating to others as “I and Thou,” not “I and It.” We have growing sensitivity to legal and illegal immigrants and to equal treatment of all people in the workplace and socially regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion and so on. Especially the last few weeks and months, the tragedy of domestic violence, sexual abuse and the improper use of power has become more prominent. What do these things have in common, I thought? “V’ahavta l’reiacha kamocha” came quickly to mind – “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
I believe humanity is gradually, in fits and starts, trying to approach this. “What is hateful to you, do not do to another,” said Rabbi Hillel. “All the rest is commentary. Go and learn it.” May we be strengthened and stay this course.

Wed, November 13 2019 15 Cheshvan 5780