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Introduction to Panim el Panim: Face to Face with Loneliness
Today, one in three of us feel lonely. Yet we are conditioned to believe that if this is our experience then something must be wrong with us. We feel ashamed, and then we try to hide our shame, which only exacerbates our self-doubt and makes us think we are unworthy of friendship or love. But Judaism wants us to know that we ARE worthy; friendship and partnership are core Jewish values. In this new podcast from Temple Shalom of Newton and hosted by Rabbi Allison Berry, we talk with experts about our every day experiences with loneliness, and how we can help ourselves manage while also supporting our loved ones. 

Episode 1: How Do We Help Ourselves and Our Loved Ones? with Yael Schonbrun
In this episode, we talk with guest Yael Schonbrun, a licensed clinical psychologist, assistant professor at Brown University, and writer about parenting, work, and relationships. Yael lives in Newton and is parent to three young boys. Read more from Yael on her website and listen to her podcast Psychologists Off the Clock.

Episode 2: Finding Happiness in Times of Isolation with Dr. Robert Waldinger
In this episode, Rabbi Berry chats with Dr. Robert Waldinger, Temple Shalom member, Harvard psychiatrist, Zen priest, and psychoanalyst. Their conversation begins with the connection between loneliness and the Harvard Study of Adult Development directed by Dr. Waldinger and concludes with the power of relationships, radical self compassion, and forgiveness.

Episode 3: What's in Your Hand? Supporting Each Other through Loneliness
In this episode, Rabbi Berry speaks with three fellow clergy members from the Newton community, Reverend Ken Bailey from Newton Highlands Congregational Church, Reverence Alicia Johnson from Myrtle Baptist Church, and Reverend Devlin Scott from New City Church. Together, they consider how our faith and our collective community can support each other through these times of challenge and isolation. 

Episode 4: The Loneliness Epidemic with Dr. Jennifer Molinsky
This episode, Rabbi Laura Abrasley joins the podcast and talks with Temple Shalom member Dr. Jennifer Molinsky, an expert in urban planning and housing for older adults, about the deeply important question of our seniors. What does it mean at this moment for the seniors in our community to feel fulfilled knowing that, because of the coronavirus, they must be isolated in so many ways?

Thu, October 29 2020 11 Cheshvan 5781