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Bergman Family

“This will be our family’s third year with two of our children at the Temple Shalom Nursery School. I can not say enough good things about what a wonderful experience we have had with the school, and what the school has meant to our family. Each teacher and class has treated our children with such genuine love and care, and nurtured a true enjoyment of learning, jewish values and culture, and exploration of the world and nature. Our kids come home beaming each day, and share what they have discovered in the fantastic outdoor nature area, teach us what they have learned about holiday rituals and experiences, and have become more and more confident as learners, all of which they absorb through play. As much as our children have, we have enjoyed becoming part of the nursery school as a family. Coming to the city from another area, we found an absolutely lovely, warm, welcoming community of families, who share similar values, and have been so grateful to be part of such a wonderful community of friends. And we are looking forward to sending our third child here to start all over again in the toddler classroom when she is old enough!”

Goldman Family

“We have been part of the Nursery School community for seven years, through three children, and it has been an incredible blessing to our family.  I cannot imagine a more nurturing environment for our children or a kinder environment for me as a parent.  On the craziest mornings when everything seemed to go awry – when I forgot the lunchboxes, when someone peed in their car seat, when I’d been up all night with a new baby and I couldn’t see straight, I always knew I would walk into our Nursery School and someone would help me put it all back together without judgment or annoyance.  My children blossomed with teachers who truly knew them. They were encouraged to take risks and challenged to become their best selves.  When my third child was born we decided to hold the baby-naming on Friday morning during the Nursery School Shabbat experience with toddlers and teachers as our congregation and it was perfect.  Temple Shalom Nursery School is one of the greatest gifts we have given to our children and our family.”

Evan Family

“Temple Shalom Nursery School is a truly magical and welcoming community where our son and daughter thrived. The teachers are incredible and work collaboratively with the children which is a great model for the kids in how to interact with their peers in a respectful, caring, and cooperative manner. We loved the extensive time spent exploring and playing outdoors and also enjoyed the extended day program. Highly recommend it! Oh and did I mention the kids get to make challah each week?!”

Zinner Family

“We couldn’t be happier with Temple Shalom Nursery School! This is my son’s second year there and he loves it.  The teachers are warm and inviting, as is the parent and temple community. The amount of time they spend outdoors, regardless of the weather, is priceless. And I love how they are already learning science themes/concepts at 3 and 4 years old. Part of me feels guilty I didn’t find this school in time for my older son, but at least my little man will benefit from their great curriculum and community.”

Scheunemann Family

“Temple Shalom Nursery School (TSNS) is a wonderful preschool. Both of my children attend TSNS and my daughter has been a student in all three classrooms (toddler through pre-K). I’ve had the opportunity to see how the different classrooms and curriculum build upon each other and allow the children to grow in so many ways. I have witnessed my daughter’s cognitive and social skills flourish, and her knowledge of both the secular and Jewish world deepen and expand, to the point where she is teaching me new Jewish cultures and traditions! The outdoor classroom sparks the children’s imaginations and allows them to explore nature all year long. There is a warm feeling in the school that is created by the teachers and director, who are very talented and caring. The voices and ideas of parents are respected and appreciated, and there are volunteer leadership roles for parents. TSNS is not only a very welcoming community, but also an inclusive community without boundaries. The staff take care of the families, respect unique differences, and make accommodations to meet the needs of each child. In terms of flexibility and scheduling, the extended childcare from 7:45 -9AM and 12-4:30 PM is vital for us as working parents.”

Mon, October 26 2020 8 Cheshvan 5781