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SHACHARIT Learning Expedition

SHACHARIT Learning Expeditions
March 29th and April 5th

Our SHACHARIT Learning Expeditions all explore the story and traditions of Passover, each through a different lens. Whether through writing, music, art, or movement, our Expeditions offer students a unique opportunity to learn more about the holiday of Passover and celebrate the freedom and faith of the Jewish people.

1.  Re-Building the Passover Story

At its core, Passover is a holiday that is rooted in storytelling. Together, we’ll study the Passover story, then unleash our creativity to design a modern retelling of this ancient tale, complete with words and illustrations. Come prepared with a Passover Haggadah, or a favorite book (like Sammy Spider) that tells that Passover story. You will also need play dough, Legos, or another building material.

2.  Art and Music of Passover

Like any Jewish holiday, Passover is celebrated through song and music. Together, we will explore some new Passover music as well as old favorites. We will also build musical instruments to liven up your family’s seder experience. Come prepared with recycled materials such as cardboard, bottles, and string, and your creativity! We will come away with a Passover playlist to share with the whole congregation.

3.  Passover Story Mad Libs

What if some of the parts of the Passover story were swapped out for silly things instead? What if Pharoah was an octopus, or the pyramids were actually made out of chocolate? Together, we will retell the story of Passover using silly and creative suggestions from the group, and then we will illustrate our story to share with all of SHACAHRIT. Come prepared with drawing and art supplies.

Sat, March 28 2020 3 Nisan 5780