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Guided by the values of our Jewish tradition, we welcome all families who wish to make Temple Shalom their spiritual home, regardless of financial capacity. We would never turn away any family who wishes to become members, and we are deeply committed to making synagogue membership accessible for your family. Your annual contribution allows Temple Shalom to maintain innovative clergy and support staff as well as the diversity of events, learning opportunities and activities that connect our community so deeply. 

Your Annual Contribution - payable in installments

Standard Membership
2 Adult Household: $3950
1 Adult Household: $1975

Senior Membership (Age 65 and older)
2 Adult Household: $2960
1 Adult Household: $1480
Households with one adult in this age range qualify for this rate

Nursery School Family Membership: $1000

Ages 31-35 Membership
2 Adult Household Ages 31-35: $780
1 Adult Household Ages 31-35: $360
Households with one adult in this age range qualify for this rate

Ages 25-30 Membership
2 Adult Household Ages 21-30: $360
1 Adult Household Ages 21-30: $180
Households with one or more adults in this age range qualify for this rate

Learning Program Tuition
Temple Shalom Nursery School Tuition - 18 months-PreK
SHACHARIT Grades K-2: $900  Grades 3-5: $1400 (Includes Small Group Hebrew)
MINCHA Grades 6-7: $1400 (Includes Small Group Hebrew)

The Annual Contributions are determined by the Temple Shalom Board of Trustees, a Board made up of congregants.  Every effort is made to keep fees as low as possible. Thank you to the many congregants who are in the position to donate more than their annual contributions. Your support sustains us all! 

The Building Fund

Our sacred building bears witness to many community moments, from the joy of our youngest learners, to the gratitude of our b'nei mitzvah families, to the pain and sorrow of those in mourning. We rely on our congregation to keep our facility structurally sound so that it can continue to sustain future generations of Jewish community. A $2,400 contribution is made over a 6-year period ($400 per year) by member families, beginning the second year of membership. If you have already paid a Building Fund to another congregation, we are able to honor a large percentage of the contribution as a courtesy.

Security Assessment

A yearly Security Assessment of $85 is charged to all member families. This fee is collected to support ongoing security enhancements to ensure our building, staff, members and guests are safe.

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