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Preserving Jewish life in Hungary and the Holocaust

10/16/2018 09:57:21 AM


Howie Sholkin

Tuesday, day four of our trip (our last day in Budapest) started with a presentation by Marcel Kenesei of Centropa. It’s an organization that provides more than 100.000 recorded stories of Jewish life in central and Eastern Europe before, during and after the war. Especially wanted were people born before 1935 for pre-war life. They have 20,000 plus photos, but few have Jewish symbols. features teacher content and tools inviting students to create their own multimedia stories. Teachers from 20 countries have participated. Centropa is loaded with multimedia material for students, teachers and anyone who wants a personal look into Jewish life in the 20th century.
The Hungarian government tightly controls education with one history book and little devoted to the Holocaust. The government portrays Hungary as a victim of Germany though several hundred thousand Jews were sent to their deaths with Hungarian cooperation in the final year of the war.

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