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 Youth Engagement Programs 

Taste of Camp is a caring and inclusive community at Temple Shalom geared towards empowering and validating youth in grades K-5th. This Jr Youth Group allows children to make new friends, learn new skills, grow their Jewish identity, and connect with dedicated counselors and role models.  Our programming focuses on building and maintaining the quirky and close-knit relationships that blossom within the care-free and fun atmosphere of camp!

MINCHA is our community for Grades 7-8. MINCHA meets Tuesday afternoons and includes a little bit of everything.  There is time to learn, reconnect with friends, grow as leaders, create positive Jewish memories and so much more. Dinner is included.

MA'ARIV is our engagement program for teens in Grades 9-12. MA'ARIV learning happens in short 3-4 week courses, crafted in an ongoing manner according to the suggestions and interests of our MA'ARIV community.  MA'ARIV meets weekly on Tuesday nights and includes dinner.

What is SHAFTY?  
SHAFTY is the high school youth group at Temple Shalom.

What do we do?  
SHAFTY is peer-lead by an elected board of teens who create and run incredible programs throughout the year. SHAFTY is always fun, often thought-provoking, and your gateway to the regional and national programs of NFTY!

How can I join?
Come to an event!
​Our first event is a Havdallah New Years Party on October 14.

Sun, March 18 2018 2 Nisan 5778