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Witnessing the best of the human spirit

02/13/2019 02:45:53 PM


Ilene Goodman

I knew Temple Shalom was special when I got exposed to the clergy and the Temple’s inclusive education model merging spirituality, STEM, Judaism and diversity. Never did I think I would find a temple mirroring all the key ingredients that I uphold in life, including my parenting philosophy.
My children, Liam and Jake, started SHACHARIT later than their peers - partly tied to their being dyslexic and premature and also because they struggle with stamina in a mainstream lecture-style classroom. The Temple Shalom formula embracing experiential learning could not have been more perfect. Also, they understand how to provide extra support when needed in the classroom and for breaks. The creative SHACHARIT program made Hebrew school fun! The drudgery of regular school did not map to Hebrew school and for kids that learn differently, to have a positive school experience, well, this is life changing.
When Jake and Liam moved over to Tuesdays for small group Hebrew learning, the patience and creativity of the teachers, coupled by the acceptance from the Temple allowed Jake and Liam to move at their own pace. When they were ready for their B'nei Mitzvah, it truly was a “rite of passage,” moving from boyhood to young manhood. I honestly believe the experience at Temple Shalom will shape my boys forever, teaching them that through their Jewish education comes community and the path to witnessing the best in the human spirit.
Ilene Goldman is a member of Temple Shalom. February marks Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month

Thu, July 18 2019 15 Tammuz 5779