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The Secret recipe

01/18/2018 10:23:13 AM


By Cantor Peter Halpern
Have you ever wondered why a tablespoon of sugar, some vanilla, flour, a raw egg and a handful of chocolate chips just doesn’t taste as good as a chocolate chip cookie? I, for one, have never tried to eat the ingredients separately, and I imagine I’m not alone. Most of us have times when we feel that things are not quite right. A loved one may be seriously ill, or we ourselves have physical pain. Our finances aren’t what they could be. A child has gone down a concerning path. A co-worker is jealous or petty and seems intent on taking it out on us. Our partner has done something and jeopardized our trust in them.
At these times, it is easy to lose faith in God or the feeling that life is fair, that it makes sense. Now, think back on a former time when you were in such a situation and have some distance from it. My guess is that things turned out well and that you may even have been grateful for what then felt unfair or misfortune. I believe life has its divine timing and destination…a recipe if you will. Our job is to take the appropriate initiative, to let happen about us what must and to hold our peace with faith.
In the words of a Garth Brooks song that I love, “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.”

Sun, November 17 2019 19 Cheshvan 5780