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What Are Shalom Gatherings?

Shalom Gatherings are small groups (3 people or more) of Temple Shalom community members who gather together over a common interest, demographic, or hobby. Shalom Gatherings exist to deepen our connections to each other and to create opportunities for people to engage with new ideas, activities and friends.

Anyone can create a gathering - all you need is an interest. As a small group host you will help cultivate growth and relationships within your gathering. The role of the host is to choose a place to meet and to find a friend or a group of friends to join you. The role of the synagogue is to support you as a leader and to help strengthen and customize your group.

Gatherings can be anything - people who like to cook together, parents going through the b'nei mitzvah process and drinking wine, an art club or a running group. Groups can meet monthly, weekly, once, or in whatever increments are best for your group. Most importantly, they are fun, social and driven by a common desire to be together and enjoy each other's company.

How do I get involved in a Small Group?

  • Start one! What would you do if you had a group of 10 people to do it with you? Get in touch with Caroline Dorn, Membership and Engagement Coordinator, who can help you brainstorm and launch your group, as well as organize space at the temple if necessary. 
  • Fill out the Small Group Interest form so we can start connecting people who have similar interests and ideas.
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