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Safety & Security During the High Holy Days

When our community gathers on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the safety and security of every individual is of utmost concern. 

This year, we are introducing the Usher & Safety Team. This group will consist of members of our community who have received specific safety and security training. Usher and Safety Team training will take place at 10:00 am on Sunday, September 8. Members of the Usher & Safety Team can be identified by blue name tags as well as white or red lapel carnations. We are looking for interested Temple members to join the Usher & Safety Team. Please complete the High Holy Days form.

As a security measure, every service participant will be required to show a 2019 High Holy Day ticket. Members picking up tickets will find them at the Usher & Safety station in the rear of the Social Hall. Enter under the white awning.

During every Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur service, we have an EMT on-site stationed in the kitchen to the rear of the Social Hall.  Should you have a medical emergency, you can alert any member of our Usher & Safety Team, or go directly to the kitchen area. 

This year, we will worship in a renovated space, which is new to most, if not all of our members.  Emergency exit instructions will be printed in the High Holy Days hand out and distributed at every service.  

Private and/or uniformed professionals will be present during each High Holy Days service. More specific details regarding our security practice and response will not be shared publicly. Any member with questions or concerns are invited to contact Executive Director Ellie Goldman by email or phone at 617-332-9550 x11.


Wed, October 23 2019 24 Tishrei 5780