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Scholar in Residence Dinner with Reuven Firestone

Friday, March 13, 2020 17 Adar 5780

7:30 PM - 9:30 PMSocial Hall

Weekend Programming:

Shabbat Dinner, March 13 7:30 pm   $20/pp
"The Five Pillars of Islam & Judaism"

Shabbat Morning Text Study, March 14
"Torah Portion Ki Tissa and the Golden Calf it appears in the Qur'an!"

Se'udat Shlishit, March 14  4:30 pm
"Islamophobia & Antisemitism: History & Possibility"

Sunday Morning Study, March 15 
"Whose Jerusalem?  The Holy City in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam"


The Five Pillars of Islam & And Judaism. Introduction to Islam and its relationship to Judaism.

In this workshop we will learn some of the deep and fascinating parallels between the most essential beliefs and practices of Judaism and Islam. We will also note how we differ.

Torah Portion Ki Tissa and The Golden Calf…as it appears in the Qur’an!

This morning will be devoted to a common story but divergent narrative between the Qur’an and the Bible, and how it reflects and has also influenced relations between Jews and Muslims through the ages.

Islamophobia and Antisemitism: History & Possibility

Islamophobia and anti-Semitism have much in common, though they arose from nearly opposite historical circumstances. Both refer to irrational fears directed toward a specific human group. Both are expressions of racializing. And both are deeply embedded into the very fabric of Western culture and society. In this workshop we will learn about the origins and development of these prejudices and consider solutions for the future.

Whose Jerusalem? The Holy City in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Why has Jerusalem been a point of contention between Jews, Christians and Muslims during so much of our common history? What makes it holy and why do religions feel the need to “own” it? This workshop will include consideration of the polemical uses of the Holy City, and how we can get beyond them.

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Thu, February 27 2020 2 Adar 5780